Alamo Fire Doubles Overnight, 7/8/17

3:00 pm – Alamo Fire up to 19,000 acres.

7:30 am – Fire officials report the fire has burned about 6,000 acres as of 7:00 a.m. Saturday and remains 10 percent contained. High temperatures, low humidity, and strong winds caused the fire to double in size.

A red flag warning is in effect for the area where the fire is burning, indicating extreme high temperatures, low humidities and sundowner winds.

Santa Barbara County Fire Captain Dave Zaniboni reports 1,000 firefighters have been assigned to the Alamo Fire. He anticipates more resources will arrive and be ordered Saturday.

Fire officials are watching wind conditions closely. Capt. Zaniboni says if the winds shift out of the northwest, like they did Friday afternoon, the fire could burn into the Tepusquet Canyon area where numerous people have homes and property.

Mandatory evacuations remain in place for Blazing Saddle Drive, White Rock Lane, Tepusquet Road and Colson Canyon Road. Approximately 300 residents in the area were notified.

Highway 166 remained closed from Highway 101 to Tepusquet Road.

The fire was first reported shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Thursday. The cause is under investigation.


Photos by KSBY


7 thoughts on “Alamo Fire Doubles Overnight, 7/8/17

  1. That top picture looks like it straight out of Hell movie… unfortunately it isn’t a movie…

  2. Thanks, Deborah. Two more fire erupted here in SLO Co. and having trouble keeping track of all. Stone Fire is immediately life threatening, so I am focusing there. Brining in crew and aircraft from both the Whittier and the Alamo Fires for the Stone Fire, and now another one out near the 41/46 “Y” madness.

  3. NPR just announced Alamo fire at 35 Square miles.
    That’s a lot of miles.

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