Fire – Carmel Valley, The Preserve, Chamisal Pass area

6:30 pm – while sirens still being heard, the smoke is no longer visible, and witnesses say the retardant drops were quick and effective, and this one may be in mop up now

6 pm – Still gathering info



~ by bigsurkate on July 7, 2017.

5 Responses to “Fire – Carmel Valley, The Preserve, Chamisal Pass area”

  1. Kate,

    You must be picking up more info on FB, because twitter has nothing to disclose for this one.


  2. […] Source: Fire – Carmel Valley, The Preserve, Chamisal Pass area […]


  3. We watched the fire from our ridge in Mid Valley. It sprang up so quick. Fortunately, we saw the spotter plane as we were calling 911. Soon thereafter were two helicopter water drops followed by retardant from a small plane and the spotter plane and more helicopters checking out the scene. Quickly put out. Great job. It was so close to two houses behave not yet heard what started the fire.


  4. Maybe the rapid response is related to the 2016 Sobranes cost [250,000,000 dollars].

    Was also musing about how much an illegal campfire fine of $10,000 would raise. I remember a littering fine in the high hundreds…


  5. Kate, OASN….CVR…in depth…

    SJMN/TC: ” With San Clemente Dam gone, are steelhead trout about to make comeback on the Carmel River? ”


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