Highway One closure update, 7/24/17

Photos of: 1) Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) still showing some activity this morning; 2) Pedestrian Detour Signs at South Turn Around (PM 45–just south of Pfeiffer Canyon; 3) Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (PM 45.52) Abutment 1 Work, Platform and Falsework and 4) Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (PM 45.52) Launch Falsework at Abutment 2. ( reordered this so number 2 is last for a comparison)


522594093PM 45.52 PCB Abutment 1 work 7.21.17PM 45.52 PCB Abutment 2 form work 7.21.17

Here is the pedestrian detour and a comparison of what it looked like a week ago last Friday, when Paul’s Slide was still closed. Glad to see the change, as it was a real challenge to figure out how to get into and out of the handicapped parking spot between the deli and the post office.



~ by bigsurkate on July 24, 2017.

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