Most of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to reopen tomorrow

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is reopening tomorrow afternoon, Friday, July 28. This will allow access to the Overlook Trail, the parking and picnic area. The environmental campsites will remain closed until further notice.

Andrew Molera State Park opened earlier this week and they have expanded the trail openings to include the Bluff, Panorama, Ridge Loop trails. This includes access to Spring Beach from Bluff trail.
Bobcat trail is also open.
Creamery Trail is open and the only access to Molera Beach.

Molera Horseback Tours has been given the green light to resume operations on Creamery Meadow Trail.

Ventana Wildlife Society Discovery Center has been given the green light to resume operations in Andrew Molera State Park.

John De Luca, Sector Superintendent/ SPS III (acting) states, “Parks has made great strides and has been working continuously to improve recreational opportunities since the beginning of 2017. Although many of the beloved trails are still currently closed, I encourage the community and the visiting population to celebrate what is now currently open.”

This is good news as it will probably prevent the illegal camping and campfire that took place here earlier this week.

10 thoughts on “Most of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to reopen tomorrow

  1. Thanks, Kate, for this and all your updates. It’s good to see things re-opening at last. What is the latest on Paul’s Slide and Mud Creek?

  2. Gail, Paul’s Slide opened last week, but it is still moving. It is under 24/7 flagging to keep an eye on things, and to provide one lane, alternate directions. Mud Creek is also still moving, but far from being open. No idea on when. Trying to formulate a plan, and I do think they have started to move dirt, but

  3. Came home from a town trip yesterday and had to stop and have a talk with a young couple. He was just about to fire up his charcoal grill to cook dinner at 9:30 at night after setting up an elaborate tent/campsite on Willow (Los Burrors Rd). Totally oblivious to Level III fire restrictions

  4. Kate,

    Do you have a story coming up on the Upper Rocky Creek situation?

    Link to story remains on Carmel Pine Cone…

  5. Kate,

    Hmm, clouds and no post one minute and sunshine comes thru the next.. Reset button is back on. : )

  6. I think that is a good idea. I’ve contacted someone to get me in touch with people back there, and contacted CPOA who is helping financially. Once I get my background info, I will draft one. Not just copying the PineCone’s. I want a real, personal interest story that will bring in $$

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