Girders arrive at Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge

I bean delivery, photo by Steve Harper:




That guy in the back end is steering it, sort of like a long fire engine.

There are 15 girders, each 62 feet long and 62 tons.

Below photos by Cal TransIMG_3004


Girders arrived at the bridge site this morning.

~ by bigsurkate on July 28, 2017.

8 Responses to “Girders arrive at Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge”

  1. There’s a happy sight!

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  2. Awesome!


  3. Is 8 weeks the proper chill time for champagne?

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  4. Sounds about right, Tim…


  5. Good news, indeed.

    Now we no longer have to jump the gap in our car like “Smokey and the Bandit” or the Duke boys. 🙂

    That bridge failure has made my life very difficult. I am eager to see it finished as soon as possible.

    Great post.


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  6. Those are some very large girders. Hoping everyone stays safe.


  7. Rebuilding the bridge is an environmentally unsound idea considering it will reinstate the traffic flow that has precipitated the degradation of Big Sur. The community needs to rethink their plan of action in relation to preserving Big Sur vs opening it up for exploitation.


  8. I hope in some way they also make the architectural style of this bridge have a little bit of character to fit in with traditional Hwy 1. I had an idea for the slide area, but doubt they’s ever take it seriously.


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