4 thoughts on “More Illegal Campfires

  1. Strong County/ State signing, communications to all foreigners arriving in SF and other airports. County prohibit any smoking outside! Notifications at all hotel registrations, etc. a very strict policy and execution. High penalties immediately judged will change awareness over time!

  2. To those in positions of power and with authority in Big Sur…….PLEASE STOP THREATENING ILLEGAL CAMPERS WITH THE POSSIBILITY OF A $5000 fine. Threatening them has not worked and the time is nigh for anyone who is caught camping out of bounds to receive a citation, on the spot, and a minimum fine of $5000. If they’ve built a campfire the fines should be significantly higher; the crime a federal offense and a felony. Put up temporary signs until the permanent signs are manufactured and make it perfectly clear to these idiots that we mean business. Offer rewards to anyone who witnesses these crimes and calls the authorities.

    People who continue to flout authority in this way are selfish, disrespectful and not in the least concerned with the possible tragic outcome of their actions, including loss of life. If we continue to allow this behavior by issuing idle threats, their carelessness and lack of concern for anyone other than themselves is going to result in possibly an even bigger tragedy than last year’s Soberanes fire.

  3. Helena,

    CPC wrote a story on Palo Colorado Fire Brigade Mid Coast Chief Cheryl Goetz road repair situation and is very aware how bad the problem is. There is no excuse for negligence!

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