Weather West CA temps map for Sat

Daniel West, weather forecaster extraordinaire issued this map late Thursday.


Look at those temps! “Why is it always so hot on big weekends?” the fire chief, Martha Karstens, bemoaned. This is critical fire weather folks. No campfires, no matches, no cigarettes, and as one visual says:


Honestly, this community cannot survive another big one this close to the Soberanes. We have another heavy winter ahead of us, and we haven’t yet recovered from this double whammy. Please, help us by being vigilant and reporting any and all campfires.

13 thoughts on “Weather West CA temps map for Sat

  1. Hi Kate, are there signs in all the camping pullouts along N-F Road? Would If not, it be too much trouble to have a bunch made up and posted by volunteers (I would volunteer with others) so that it would be a high visability but very low cost operation. Just wondering.

  2. The USFS has the signs ordered, just not done, yet. Word seems to be out and it appears to be being patrolled, at least last Friday night when driving home went all the way to the highway and saw no campers, just one car pulled over admiring the view, so … ??

  3. Hi Kate,

    Sure hearing a lot of helicopters down in the Big Sur Valley… Does anyone have a report on if there is some kind of incident? These can’t be all Post Ranch helicopters…

  4. I agree with Julie. Been hearing helicopters near Rio Rd all day today. Wondered the same thing, unless a big shindig at Post Ranch.

  5. Very rare occurrence we are having, current temperature Monterey 102 current temperature Paso 106 very seldom are the temperatures this close on a heat wave between these two locations. I don’t recall temperatures this high on the Peninsula in many moons. Moderate south winds in Pacific Grove but no southerly surge fog bank visible. Be safe.


    See Repairs 14A etc…

  7. Kate,

    9/2: Intense 111* outside & 101* inside at residence -tough battle w/ nature.

  8. Kate,

    I gather Camp Roberts & FHL are hella busy with all the activity going on in Asia..I have been hearing plenty of military fighter plane engine fly overs echoing throughout the past 4-5 days…

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