Bridge Inspection Report, 9/19/17

This is the bridge inspection report for the little bridge on Nacimiento-Fergusson, nick-named by local truckers (Windsor) as 10-mile bridge, since it is 10 miles from Highway One. You will note that it was inspected in February of this year, just before the increased usage by large trucks began. I am hoping it will be inspected again once the bridge opens. There is a 6  page written report and then 11 photographs are attached. I am not qualified to interpret this information for you, but perhaps a reader can help with your questions.











5 thoughts on “Bridge Inspection Report, 9/19/17

  1. Thank you for prodding CalTrans on this. So, when the pfeiffer canyon bridge opens in a few weeks will tourists be discouraged from driving over nacimiento? Given some of the bad behavior I’ve seen on the highway this summer particularly from RV drivers I fear it could quickly become a lethal situation if tourists with little awareness / experience driving in mountain situations are being steered en masse over NFR.

  2. Well, I hope not, but cannot say for sure how it will be. Once the bridge opens, I plan on asking for another bridge inspection, although the heavy super 10s and tractor/trailer combos should be finished. For Mud Creek, most will come in from the south, I expect.

    I, personally, will be providing accurate information about the dangers and concerns of Nacimiento. Whether that will discourage tourists is any one’s guess. It is bound to deter some, but some won’t believe any thing but their own experience.

  3. Kate,

    OASN: 7.1 Earthquake 70 miles outside of Mexico city limits, some building collapsed and other major damage not reported as of yet, BUT, this leads me to:

    Do bridge inspectors even know what earthquake Richter Scale gauge that “little bridge” can withstand?

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