Reminder – Concrete Pour at Bridge


Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge [PCB] (PM 45.52)
The bridge construction continues. Diaphragm concrete pour took place last Friday, Sept. 15 and prep work continues for the bridge deck pour this Friday night, Sept. 22 beginning approximately 9 pm. NOTE: work will be light on Friday during daytime hours as the concrete pour will take place overnight; trucks will be delivering concrete to the jobsite along State Route 1 from to Sand City and back—there will be noise from back up alarms, pumps and other equipment through Saturday, Sept. 23. The opening of the new bridge is scheduled in mid-October.

Photo below shows diaphragm concrete pour from last Friday, Sept. 15—courtesy of Kyle Evans.


2 thoughts on “Reminder – Concrete Pour at Bridge

  1. Kate,
    Using Kyle’s pic from your blog.
    This makes a great story for Thursday news since the pour is Friday night.


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