Fire on Willow Creek?

I have gotten several calls, but I cannot see anything from here. Matt Harris called and I spoke with him moments after the Cal-Fire spotter plane made a pass right over me. It is still in the area making passes. It is very windy. This was on Wild-CAD:

01/03/2018 15:44 LPF-42
WILLOW Smoke Check Hwy 1 and Willow Creek . BC12LPF DOZ4LPF E16LPF 4X4 E18LPF E31LPF 4X4 E335LPF E65MDF HEL530LPF . . 0.1 35.8966, -121.4307

I will post more if I get any additional information.

Per scanner, the Cal Fire spotter plane was UTL, so Big Sur Fire cancelled its response.


Short Term Rentals in Big Sur

One cannot look at the impacts of tourism in Big Sur without also looking at the impact of Short Term Rentals (STR). In one week, the Planning Commission will hold a public workshop to discuss this issue. Below you will find the announcement in a pdf format converted to jpg. In the days ahead, as necessary weather reports allow, I will post information on the issue to help those of you who wish to prepare for the meeting. On the weather front, we will finally get some rain today, thankfully.