Highway One closed until morning

7:00 pm – From 2 different sources (both presumably from the scanner, knowing them-ed. Actually from BSFD) Highway closed due to slide at 42.2 or 42.4 until morning. Marcus Foster puts it at Grimes Canyon, which makes sense. Nothing on the chp website, yet.

BTW, it would seem we have a new CHP officer who is getting initiated by Mother Nature tonight. Let’s hope he is a fast learner and hope for his safety.

Highway One closure update

Photos: 1-3 of Mud Creek (PM 8.9) from Wednesday, Jan. 4 and Thursday, Jan. 5; photos 4-5 of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (PM 45.52) of AC grinding from Wednesday, Jan. 4 .


Everything about Mud Creek, Paul’s Slide, and the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge remains unchanged, but additional work is:

Wednesday (1-10) – Grind Deli/Post office parking lot in two sections (1/2 at a time) to keep some parking spaces available.
Thursday (1-11) – Pave the Deli/Post office parking lot.
Friday (1-12) – Pave mainline Hwy 1 from PM 44.8-45.3, which is through the Deli/post office area.

Storm Reports, 1/8/18

Watch the Big Sur River Flow. I have posted the link again. AND thunder down my way!

As of the 2 pm forecast: “Down the coast, the coastal ranges can expect an addition[al] 2.00″ to 4.00″

As of 10:30 am, I have tipped the 1” spot, but Ranch Grande reports 2”. This is the current radar:



One year ago today, 1/8/18

I thought it would be fun to look back one year, as we go through today’s big storm to remind ourselves of what we have faced.

The first one  is Paul’s Slide on the evening of 1/8/17, photo by Brendon Shave. The rest are all from exactly one year ago, sent to me by a variety of people, including Brendon. Can’t say whose is whose now, a year later, except the first one. This is what can, and did happen.

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And Tony’s (worked in the store in Lucia Lodge at the time) comment on the Paul’s Slide photo:

Awesome shot and even more awesome that you went down there to do this, dude! Thank you!
I’m off the next four days, but I’m sure I’ll use this photo often in the future when I’m asked such questions as:
“Why is the road closed?”
What I want to say: To prevent you from driving into a landslide where you’d get anything from a flat tire to dying in another landslide.
What I will say: Look at this picture.
“Can I go through anyway?”
My facial expression: o.O
What I want to say: The barricades are there to give you a nice safe place to turn around before you drive another 1/4 mile into a landslide where you’d get anything from a flat tire to dying in another landslide.
What I will say: Look at this picture!
“When will the road open?”
My expression: o.O
What I want to say: (or in this case, do) smf and smh
What I will say: LOOK at this PICTURE!
“Why weren’t there any signs before we drove all the way down?”
You guessed in; My expression: o.O
What I want to say: Hhhhmmmm…. uuummmm….. because this isn’t an amusement park, so our landslides aren’t timed and on hydraulics to remove them after your ‘thrill ride’ is done?
What I will say: LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!!