STRs, part 3, 1/5/18

Probably THE most comprehensive website on Short Term Rentals in Monterey County can be found here:

Preserve Monterey Neighborhoods

This is their mission statement:

“This is a working group to consider litigation, voter initiative, and activism options to stop STR in Monterey County.

We are looking for constructive suggestions and a healthy debate to develop a consensus and action plan that can win. The purpose of this website is to be a resource for information that may be helpful.

In the Coastal Zone of Monterey, every City and area has at least one group opposing STR except for Seaside and Marina. In the one city where STR is currently legal (Pacific Grove), opposition is growing and organizing. There is a page for each that has their public statements and/or Comments to the Planning Commission.”

I urge you to explore this website for a wealth of available information about this issue before the January 10th workshop with the Planning Commission. I will offer bits & pieces of it as I can.


Next week’s storm, 1/5/18

Late Monday into Tuesday could bring some serious rain to the mountains of Big Sur. From NOAA:

“Gusty south winds and moderate to heavy rainfall can be expected beginning late Monday and continuing into Tuesday. The latest forecast storm total precipitation amounts range from 2.00 to 3.50″ over the highest peaks of the coastal North Bay, Santa Cruz, and Big Sur mountains.”

(STRs, part 3 this afternoon)