STRs, part 3, 1/5/18

Probably THE most comprehensive website on Short Term Rentals in Monterey County can be found here:

Preserve Monterey Neighborhoods

This is their mission statement:

“This is a working group to consider litigation, voter initiative, and activism options to stop STR in Monterey County.

We are looking for constructive suggestions and a healthy debate to develop a consensus and action plan that can win. The purpose of this website is to be a resource for information that may be helpful.

In the Coastal Zone of Monterey, every City and area has at least one group opposing STR except for Seaside and Marina. In the one city where STR is currently legal (Pacific Grove), opposition is growing and organizing. There is a page for each that has their public statements and/or Comments to the Planning Commission.”

I urge you to explore this website for a wealth of available information about this issue before the January 10th workshop with the Planning Commission. I will offer bits & pieces of it as I can.


3 thoughts on “STRs, part 3, 1/5/18

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  2. Short Term Rentals as contemplated by the Coastal Commission will bring in between 10,000 and 26,000 visitors per day, and over 6,000 cars;
    –> It is unclear that converting a long-term rental to a short-term rental increases cars. Short-term rentals have an occupancy rate of 35% so it seems likely the overall effect is to reduce cars.

    There is no water available for the 500,000 to 2.6 million gallons of water per day (over 800 million gallons annually) these Short Term Rentals may use;
    –> There is no evidence that short term rentals use more or less water than a long-term rental. The occupancy rate of a short-term rental relative to the full-time use of a long-term rental suggest short-term rentals use less water.

    A major Environmental Impact Statement is required before any ordinance allowing short-term rentals goes in to effect and the appropriate Lead Agency is the California Public Utilities Commission, not the Coastal Commission;
    –> Might be true, but it is definitely not true if the existing ordinance related to short-term rentals in the inland area did not require an EIR.

    Of the 17 areas examined in an Environmental Impact Report under CEQA, Short Term Rentals have a clearly negative impact in 15 of them;
    –> No evidence. What is the “clearly negative impact”. I have seen none.

    Coastal Zone roads, parking lots and parks already have more visitors than they are capable of safely and environmentally handling;
    –> Maybe so.

    Short Term Rentals will not increase public access, they will just replace one set of visitors with another;
    –> For Gorda, or SandDollar beach which is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Salinas, it seems like a short-term rental or campsite is the best way to visit.

    Short Term Rentals under these conditions are not permitted by the Carmel Area Land Use Plan, Local Coastal Program[i] and the Big Sur Local Coastal Plan;
    –> False When the land use plan for Big Sur was written, a vacation rental was considered the same as a long-term-rental. It seems less likely that the writers of the plan left out reference to vacation rental in an effort to make vacation rentals illegal. The interpretation that vacation rentals is a not-permitted use came about many years after the writhing of the document.

    The Coastal Commission is exceeding its authority in pre-determining that Short Term Rentals housing multiple families and large groups be allowed in the Coastal Zone;
    –> False The preservemontereyneighborhoods is exceeding its authority.

    Current traffic conditions are a threat to public safety and the idling, stop and go traffic conditions are the largest source of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants in Monterey except for Moss Landing power plant – the largest fossil fired plant in the United States;
    –> False The EPA website specifies that electricity production is the greatest generateor of greenhouse gases.

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