STRs, part II, 1/4/18

One of the more comprehensive journalistic stories done on short term rentals in Monterey Peninsula was penned by Joe Livernois and published by Voices of Monterey Peninsula a month ago. Mr. Livernois investigated those communities that had regulated STRs as well as those with outright bans. His article is a good place to start for an overall picture of the ways STRs change neighborhoods for the good and for the bad. It can be found here:

Livernois’s STRs article in Voices

It is really worth the time and effort it takes to read it. See what Carmel has done and see what Pacific Grove has done. Each has taken a completely different approach, and as could be expected, with completely different results. It is an issue which is not going to go away, but which needs to be addressed. It is not only Big Sur that will be affected, it is all the unincorporated areas of Monterey County – Carmel Valley and the Highlands, for example. However, as many vacationers want to spend it on the coast, those of us ON the coast will face the biggest impacts. Airbnb has changed the face of the visitor worldwide.