STRs, part II, 1/4/18

One of the more comprehensive journalistic stories done on short term rentals in Monterey Peninsula was penned by Joe Livernois and published by Voices of Monterey Peninsula a month ago. Mr. Livernois investigated those communities that had regulated STRs as well as those with outright bans. His article is a good place to start for an overall picture of the ways STRs change neighborhoods for the good and for the bad. It can be found here:

Livernois’s STRs article in Voices

It is really worth the time and effort it takes to read it. See what Carmel has done and see what Pacific Grove has done. Each has taken a completely different approach, and as could be expected, with completely different results. It is an issue which is not going to go away, but which needs to be addressed. It is not only Big Sur that will be affected, it is all the unincorporated areas of Monterey County – Carmel Valley and the Highlands, for example. However, as many vacationers want to spend it on the coast, those of us ON the coast will face the biggest impacts. Airbnb has changed the face of the visitor worldwide.

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  1. We have hundreds in Carmel Valley, also. This is not just a coastal problem. It is primarily a fifth district problem. However, their are neighbor complaints about a STR on Arroyo Seco Road. I feel very strongly that the neighborhoods need to form a strong alliance to protect their zoning and land use plans. We are more powerful together. As the ordinance will be County wide, we must stick together. Their is a good essay on STRs in the CVA newsletter this morning. Some of the best reporting I have seen is in the Honolulu Advertiser, should you care to explore.

  2. Thanks, Katie. I will look for the Honolulu advertiser. The article in the CVA newsletter this am, is a repeat of one I have posted before. The letter I haven’t published, yet. Tomorrow I will post a link to an excellent website established for the Carmel Highlands – and the rest of us – on this issue. Lots of info there, it will probably take some time to cover it adequately.

  3. Unfortunately, Katie, I cannot read the article (I found several, but the Nov one caught my eye) on the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, but I cannot access it without a subscription, and as I rarely follow the local doings on Oahu, not willing to invest the money, but thanks for thinking and suggesting.

  4. The Joe Livernois article was well written, & very informative about the local STR situation.
    The section on how Carmel deals with STR’s sounds good.
    The city prohibits all visitor-serving accommodations.

  5. Seems to me that STRs are commercial enterprises (since rent is charged to serial and transient occupants who do not live there full time, such as in a motel) and should, therefore, be allowed only on properties that are zoned for commercial use. If zoning laws were being properly applied there would be no STRs allowed in residential zones.

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