The absurdity of a food truck at Bixby Bridge, 1/6/18

Yes, that is a “food truck” in the form of a trailer. And yes, it set up shop on the Bixby Bridge turnout. And yes, that is a customer standing in line. At one point, I am informed, the line was edging over the white fog line. Thanks Ken Ecklund for taking the photo and Martha for sending it. I will make sure and send this on.


14 thoughts on “The absurdity of a food truck at Bixby Bridge, 1/6/18

  1. Yes there was a restaurant, mini hotel and gas station there but it was pre WW2. I have a photo. This was when the bridge ead called, “Rainbow Bridge”…not Bixby.

  2. I just passed this on my way into town. I did not believe it at first. Looks like he was closing up shop…

    This can’t be legal? If so, I know what I’m doing this summer at the top of my driveway…

  3. The country needs to put a uniformed officer at Bixby during peak tourist times. People do not obey signs or barriers and now a food truck!

  4. I saw it at 9 and again at 1:30. I wondered why not CHP had stopped this, I am sure there was no permit to run a food truck ! Taking up parking spots and creating traffic problems even worse than before. The dirt road was completely parked out .

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