Tourism Tuesday, 1/16/18

There is a beach in Australia that has been called the whitest beach in the world. That has created problems for thelocal residents…that and STRs. Only 20% of the homes are now occupied full time. The rest are rented out for holiday.

Many of these Photographs are familiar.


There is much in this article which will resonate with Big Sur. See it here:

Hyams Beach, Australia

Thanks to Annie Haven for sending me this article.

6 thoughts on “Tourism Tuesday, 1/16/18

  1. Similar to Pfeiffer Beach but instead of being over promoted for having white sand ours gets advertised as “purple”.
    It also shows that STR’s are destroying communities throughout the world!

  2. It’s the day trippers that are the biggest problem – in Hyams and in Big Sur. They congest the highway, leave their trash & toilet paper, and often do not bring dollars to the area.

  3. What we need is to embrace the tourism with an additional mandatory “tourism donation” (tax) where 100% of all the money from the tourism donation goes directly to sustainability, education and fighting the current administration destroying the national park land, we need to strictly enforce the compassionate use of the land and heavilly fine those that choose to disregarded the lessons.

    We tried the carrot now its time for the stick.

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