Tourism Tuesday, 1/30/18

For the next couple of weeks, i would like to introduce us to a concept and organization with which we might want to work. We have complained, become exacerbated, and tried to find piece-meal solutions to our Overtourism. We need to change the paradigm lens through which we view our visitors to one which is sustainable for the visitor, the residents, and the land itself. I suggest we investigate and perhaps join in with the Destination Stewardship Center. This is at the top of its website:

“Our Mission, Our Goal, Our Invitation
Our mission: To help protect the world’s distinctive places by supporting wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship.

Our goal: Help people find the resources they need to achieve that mission.

WELCOME to the Destination Stewardship Center,
extending the work of National Geographic’s former CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DESTINATIONS.

This website is all about the intersection between stewardship of places and one of the world’s very largest industries: tourism. We gather and provide information on the ways tourism can help—or hurt—distinctive destinations around the world. We seek people who want to join us in building a global community and knowledge network for change.

If you care about great places, if you care about managing tourism so as to enhance places and not spoil them, then this website and collaborative blogging platform is for you. The website is constantly growing and evolving, and you are welcome to join in the process. Help us tell—and improve—the destination-stewardship story.”

Destination Stewardship Center


~ by bigsurkate on January 30, 2018.

6 Responses to “Tourism Tuesday, 1/30/18”

  1. Kate, thanks for sharing this concept and link to the Destination Stewardship Center. Partnering with them and utilizing some of their resources seems like a great idea.

    FYI, I believe you have a typo in your post… it reads “exacerbated”. I think you meant it to read “exasperated”.

    – Carl Sent from my iPhone



  2. Looks like a good source of information and resources. Did a quick read of the Geotourism section – The 13 Principles is a good general outline of their ideology. The Stewardship Resources section looks promising too.
    As for the typo… I don’t know… a Freudian slip?
    If exasperated, one may exacerbate.


  3. A great idea, count me in.


  4. Kate, you’re pushing us in the right direction. Let’s join in a much larger dialogue and perhaps accept we can’t stop it but we can manage it.


  5. I like this idea


  6. it seems the 1986 Big Sur Land Use Plan does not mention short-term-Rentals and therefore the Short-Term-Rentals are considered “Illegal” (according to the Monterey County attorney). Is it really the case that things like Cell-phone towers, internet stuff, canabis operations and everything else which could not have been referenced in the 1986 land use plan are “Illegal” ? Really ?


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