8 thoughts on “Rio Rd Climbing Lane changes for week-end traffic, 4/17/18

  1. This will help but I do not think it will be of much help for people leaving Big Sur northbound on Highway1.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see what effect this has – if SB folks can’t turn left on to Rio Road, that should mean a good 30 or so seconds more green light per cycle for NB traffic (assuming the overall cycle time remains the same and the SB left turn light doesn’t get triggered.

    I’m cautiously optimistic that this well help a bit – especially if they team it up with extra long NB green light cycles too, though of course, if this starts filling up the whole NB lane between Rio Road and CV Road then NB traffic won’t be able to take advantage of the extra green.

    I guess we’ll see what happens.

  3. I’m cautiously optimistic as well…I’m trying to wrap my mind around how this will ease nb traffic, but perhaps timh is correct.

    It still disturbs me about the “uncooperative drivers” that forced the flaggers to retreat…I can’t imagine any of my Highlands neighbors behaving that way. When I saw this morning’s Tourism Tuesday post from Kate, it made sense…lots of boorish behavior going on around here these days.

    A friend of mine was involved in a task force in the 1950s examining how to bring more tourists to the Peninsula. The group brought in some high-powered consultant. His advice? “Be careful what you wish for.” He was correct.

  4. One potential issue that dawned on me regarding this no left turn during the weekends is what will the SB folks who don’t read any signage (and we all know that folks don’t read signage as proven by the number of folks on 1 who ask “is the highway really closed” after passing multiple signs telling them that it is) when they get to Rio Road – will they block traffic trying to make an illegal left turn, will they turn right and then pull a U turn and clog up Rio Road from that direction?

    Again, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  5. Yes, but is it enough? Regarding the flaggers and hostile motorists- I would imagine you would need real cops and more than one. For “ public officials” to claim they abandoned attempts to retain law and order? I doubt it.
    If you look on the CARR app California Road Conditions it is routine to see this notification:
    CZP- Assist with construction.
    That means real CHP’s, doing what is necessary. Let’s face it, it comes down to priorities and accountability.
    At least they are giving the issue some attention, so that’s progress!

  6. Traveling on weekends, especially in the wrong direction at the wrong time, has been a problem for the 50 years I have been here. Suggest drivers adjust their schedules if possible. There was no waiting Rio Road for me at all on Tuesday. Nothing. North at noon, south at sunset. Minimal waits for the three flaggers along the way: Castro, Posts and Hurricane. Ten minutes delay, tops. The lumbering motorhomes even pulled over promptly.

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