Tourist Tuesdays, 4/17/18

It is hard to write anything for today, after dealing with the Rio Rd. fiasco all weekend, for the second weekend in a row, and also seeing and hearing – loud parties, drunks asleep in the middle of the road, and booming speakers – what people did in my neighborhood. None of what you see below was here a few years ago, and the off-roading was twice as bad on Sunday as it was on Wednesday when I went down the hill to town. So many new tracks and destruction over the weekend. I am saddened beyond belief and my hope in maintaining any semblance of wilderness has been shaken. Soon, all the wildflowers, grasses, and wildlife will be gone.

Tomorrow I will be attending the MCCVB Sustainability Forum, and it will be a challenge for me. I want people who contribute to this madness to be held responsible for the damage. I want those charged with protecting the wilderness, the coast, the highway, and the community to take responsibility. Have we reached the tipping point? Are we past the point of no return?



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  1. As a frequent long-time visitor (48 years now) to Big Sur, and as one who understands the unique and sacred nature of this place, I share your concern. Playing amplified music, carousing and mindlessly driving through grassland in places like this is like doing so in a church or temple. I don’t have an answer for you. But I thought that you might find some solace in hearing a word of support and understanding from a visitor that cares.

  2. How about having a Big Sur Bus Depot operating out of Ft Ord (parking) and keep the tourists organized and safe (something it appears a lot of them need!)? Tour guides (locals) on the buses to answer questions and tell yarns. Owned by the local businesses and residents. Keep the traffic DOWN whilst bringing in some revenue and jobs.

  3. It is so sad to see all the destruction from careless people in our beloved wildlands.

  4. Kate, this is devastating! Please don’t give up, even though it does seem to be overwhelming. Is the Sustainability Forum open to the public, or is it a closed meeting? Can you let people know the time and location details? Thank you.

  5. I was horrified to see your photos — what has happened to the Big Sur I remember when I lived in the area and it was peaceful and beautiful and there was little traffic. There needs to be some law enforcement presence now to control the obnoxious behavior. Maybe it is time for shuttle buses on the weekends to control the traffic — and close the road at night except for residents. Hard to enforce that, though. The only good thing about the Route 1 closure is it prevents through traffic, but maybe that is why the northern part is now congested on weekends as people turn around and make their way back to Carmel.

  6. They should start charging a hefty toll to cross Bixby Bridge southbound! Big Sur residents get a free pass…

  7. Kate,

    Earth Day Weekend coming up- what’s the chance there will be a huge influx of cars hitting HWY 1 anyways?

    I hope you’re making progress today with your plea to stop these natural stoneage deplorables.

  8. A few well published civil asset forfeitures should solve the problem.

    The only freedom or illusion of freedom you have is because of compassionate administration of law, not rule of law.

    Please respect our lands and those whose privilege is to keep it safe.

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