Mud Creek article

In the San Jose Mercury News is a very detailed and comprehensive report on the state of the slide and the current work on it, with a series of photos taken by Vern Fischer of the Herald.

You can view it here:

Here are a couple of the photos showing current cracks:



(Photo by Vern Fischer)

I have highlighted some new cracks. It is impossible to tell if this is of any significance from a photo, but it would appear the project manager is checking them out, and doesn’t seem to be worried about any imminent threat.

Here is the entrance from the north:


(Photo by Vern Fischer) (Note, this appears to be an earlier shot as the containers are in this photo and they have since been removed)

And here is the arial view. The red line marks where the road will probably go (my guess), if it doesn’t already, but it could be dropped down to the lower bench, if needed, it looks like.



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  1. Per this week’s Cambrian, Chamber of Commerce President, Mel McColloch has been visiting the site monthly and is optimistically predicting that they may re-open the slide area to 1 lane by mid-summer.

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