48 hour notice of potential closure



Monterey County — Caltrans has received notification from the National Weather Service (NOAA) that a significant storm is in the forecast for the next 48-hours for the areas of Mud Creek (PM 8.9) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) on State Route 1 in the Big Sur area.

This advisory is for the public to be ready in the event the roadway needs to close due to a predicted significant storm and allow time for the public to prepare for the closure including stocking up on necessary supplies and making plans.

NOTE: At the 24-hour mark, an updated traffic advisory will be sent, either confirming the full closure or providing additional information. These advisories apply only to the Mud Creek and Paul’s Slide areas with each closure being treated separately.


The Week in Rain, 11/26/18

Updated Forecast. BIG jump in expected rainfall for Big Sur:


Be prepared, if NOAA issues a “hazardous outlook” statement for Big Sur, Caltrans could be shutting the gates at Paul’s Slide and/or Mud Creek. So far, I have only seen the hazardous outlook statement for SF Bay Area.

Just another Sunday at Bixby Bridge, 11/25/18

UPDATE: Look what I found in the CA Streets and Highway Code, section 731:

Selling on Right of Way Prohibited: S&HC 731
It is a misdemeanor to park a vehicle or structure on the right of way for the purposes of selling the vehicle or structure, or to sell items carried within a vehicle or structure.
Vehicles or structures placed on the right of way for the purpose of selling them are a public nuisance. Caltrans shall remove them from the highway.
Vendors may take orders and deliver items from a vehicle on the State highway immediately adjacent to the premises of the purchaser.

I hope he made LOTS of money, otherwise, with the ticket or the arrest the MCSO is on its way to give him, this is not very cost effective. Do NOT try this yourself. Locals are fed up and reporting all violators. Photo by Diane Allen:



If you don’t know how to drive in the mud…

Could you please stay off the dirt roads? You really mess it up for the rest of us…


My son, Brendon Shave, who also took these photos, pulled him out of the way, but wasn’t able to get him out of the ditch.


Big Sur Kate and CERV

I have been working with Kim Delaney and Sarah Black on a video for CERV. Community Emergency Response Volunteers. They support local CERT. This is their website: CERV.

They had a vision of doing a series of videos on disasters and the disabled, and asked me if I would participate. Actually, Patte Kronlund said, “I have a friend I want you to meet. Sarah Black.” And so we started to communicate. There were lots of emails, phone calls, dry runs, and finally, they came up to shoot a video of me in my home, high atop this mountain. They have finally released it today. It is the first of a series. I hope they put all the stories together in one documentary. I think it would be awesome.

Those of us who are disabled, or may become so, are sometimes forgotten or at least underserved in the planning for disasters. While we are all responsible for our own planning and preparation, it helps to know one is not alone. Thanks for doing this, Sarah and Kim.

For those who are interested, you can watch that 5 and 1/2 minute video Here

I was honored to work on such a worthwhile project. I also am rather astounded and amazed that Kim did all of this shooting with an iPhone. I was also astounded at the abundance of wonderful food that Sarah brought with her, all this way, for us to share after the shoot. Thank you.

Highway One reopens

At 9 am this morning, the rocks have been cleared, and Highway One reopens.

From Cal Trans: “UPDATE: Hwy1 south of BigSur is fully OPEN as of 9am. This was a standard overnight closure, very common after heavy rainfall to ensure the safety of travelers & work crews. Happy T-Day, everyone.”

Happy Thanksgiving, 2018

I miss these Thanksgivings in Jo-anne’s garage, and the people who have since moved away…I am thankful for you all and count my blessings that you are in my life. I am thankful for all the friends I have met through this blog for the last 10 years, and for what we have shared together – happy and painful. We have a wonderful community of Big Surians now spread over a great distance from Thailand to Switzerland and beyond. We are family.