And another film shoot at Bixby and other turnouts in Big Sur

I just got this notification this morning, so not much notice, but perhaps it will bettter help to plan the beginning of your week next week.

Date: February 27, 2019
To: Big Sur Residents and Businesses
From: Netflix / Pacific 2.1 Entertainment
Film Production Activity on Highway 1 in the Big Sur Area Scheduled for Monday, March 4th and Tuesday, March 5th
In an effort to better communicate with Big Sur residents and business owners regarding upcoming film activities in the area, this is to notify you of a permitted film shoot to take place on Monday, March 4th and Tuesday, March 5th (If weather is not cooperating, we may film instead on Wednesday, March 6th). We are planning to do shots from various turnouts up and down CA-Hwy 1 from Carmel down to the Big Sur River Inn, so it is hard to predict precisely what time we will arrive in each area, but all shots take place during daylight hours and once we’re set-up should take no more than an hour to film each one. Our shots involve period 1940’s picture cars driving past so will require intermittent traffic control (ITC) at and near Bixby Bridge and Hwy 1. As per our permit, a portion of parking at the Bixby Bridge turnout will also be used.

We will be hiring California Highway Patrol officers to facilitate the ITC and to ensure public safety and access with only brief traffic holds. A handful of stakebed and passenger van-sized vehicles will also be parked along Old Coast Rd, while most of our trucks and equipment will be stationed in a parking lot up in Carmel.
We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the required permits have been obtained and will comply with restrictions necessary for a safe and efficient shoot.

The production company would like to show its appreciation to the community with a donation to the Mid-coast Fire Brigade and Big Sur Fire Brigade.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. I hope this advance notice is helpful for you to plan your day.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Foulkes
Location Manager
Netflix / Pacific 2.1 Entertainment

5 thoughts on “And another film shoot at Bixby and other turnouts in Big Sur

  1. At least they are trying to be respectful. Those donations to the fire companies are a good way to show their respect to the community. I hope we see more of that.

  2. I’d applaud these usages of our lands only if a fair percentage of advertising, and fee scheduling were to be directed to rebuilding the tourist trampled Sur inviorement. Untaxed!

  3. Hi Kate,

    I’m an avid reader of your blog. The last two are strangely enter-twined but I’m not sure anyone realizes it yet. You have a location manager who intends to stage vehicles at Old Coast Road which dumps out at Bixby Bridge and we have Cal Trans starting work there tomorrow but I’m not sure either party knows about the other.

    Could you kindly ensure that the location manager Robert Foulkes gets your latest email detailing Cal Trans’ intent to set up camp at Bixby Bridge. Not sure who’s responsible for the disconnect. It may be that the Film Commission has forgotten to inform CalTrans of the pending permit but it will all go to hell for Robert’s company if he isn’t informed in advance and given a chance to reroute the film company or negotiate with Cal Trans.

    I would have written to Robert but there’s no contact info attached in the memo. Hopefully he’s parking at the other end of Old Coast Road and filming down in Bug Sur south but scenically the Bridge rules all in cinematic beauty shots so guessing they intend to be everywhere.

    Kate, keep up all that great work you do for us as a community! You are a huge resource to us.

    Kind regards,

    Katherine Kallis Wenglikowski Retired Location Manager Yankee Point Resident

    PS copying Susana Cruz here

    Sent from Katherine


  4. I have sent Robert a link to the blog post re the construction. Glad you notified Susana, but I will as well, since she is very familiar with my email.

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