5 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 6/14/20

  1. That’s a thought provoking photo. Was gonna say: “of a more civil time”.
    Then I remembered that that was right before JFK, Martin & Bobby were assassinated.
    It is still a nice photo, though.
    Campers nicely organized, ‘stead of lighting fires all over creation.

  2. The trees sure have grown. A lot nicer now, really. My only memory of Pacific Valley from those days is working with my sister to tag-team Dad into stopping at the Cafe for a grilled cheese sandwich every time we drove by.

  3. I’ll always miss Pacific Valley Center with its cafe, bar, store, gas station, and gift shop, added in May of 1989,

  4. Seeing this old photo of Plaskett, reminded me of Pfeiffer SP. Does anyone have pictures of the concrete swim area in Pfeiffer state park, circa 1960’s? I’ve lost the one photo my family had of us kids swimming there. And now that its been filled in, it’s as if my memory is asking, did that really happen, was it a dream? I know in my mind where the inflow was and the canals that brought the water to the natural shaped pool area, the snack bar, the bathrooms, the bridge over the outflow. I loved floating on an air mattress around the canals. Since I was a little kid, I usually avoided the deep end, where the teenagers were!!
    I grew up in Carmel, and my family frequently camped at Big Sur.
    Last time I was at the park, maybe 5-10 years ago, they did not have any old photos of the swim area, at the lodge, and staff didn’t know what I was talking about! The swim area was over by where skunk hollow rd currently is.
    Kate, do you know anyone who has a memory of this?

  5. I have seen photos of it, so I know they exist. I will ask around and see if I can post it on my blog so anyone can download it.

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