River Fire, Paso Robles

8:30 final update tonight. Forward motion stopped. Evacuations remain in effect overnight. 10% containment. Two homes destroyed, four badly damaged.. It will be investigated for months before they will release a cause.


5:00 extended the evacuation area. Here is the new map: From Neblick to 46 East

3:49 UPDATE — structures burning, 60 acres.

Fire in a Paso Robles, burning from the Salinas Riverbed to the bluffs above South River Rd. Evacuations underway, avoid the area.

5 thoughts on “River Fire, Paso Robles

  1. I’m also hearing from hearsay that it’s been contained, is that true?

  2. 100% contained now, 15 acres burned, 2 houses destroyed and some others badly damaged. I think it is odd that we have had 3 fires in the last couple of weeks near the 101 on the central coast: Buellton, Avila Beach, Paso Robles.

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