Photo Sunday, 8/16

In this time of being exposed so often to man’s inhumanity to man, and man’s inhumanity to nature, I thought I would share a couple photos of events that Mother Nature provided for us the last few days so we can remember who we are and our better nature. Be mindful of the beauty that Mother Nature provides for our soul. Thank you, Richard, Darren, George, and Peter. By sharing, you helped me find my balance. I hope it will help you all, too.

Thursday night rainbow by Richard Wangoe
Bioluminescence by ImpactImages831
Bioluminescence and lightning strikes by George Krieger
From Stone Ridge, by Peter Fenton

9 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 8/16

  1. Last night, during the amazing (and dangerous) lightening/thunder storm I was thinking of the spectacle of our Earth Mother’s potency and luminescence. I hope we minor creatures (humans) can reset qualities like awe, humility, and profound gratitude before She no longer cares for us at all. Much gratitude for these amazing images. Much gratitude to you, Kate.

  2. Wow! That photo by George Krieger is incredible to capture both bioluminescence and more than one lightning strike. Is it photoshopped?

    Right now from PG, we’re seeing the smoke plume to the north of Mt. Toro. One of the local news agencies said it was at the end of Pine Canyon Rd. near Toro Park, but I’m not so sure.

  3. Heres one more shot by JKHC1.

    this is a composite image, however, all of the phenomena captured happened on Saturday night at McWay Falls on Aug 15/16, 2020 from 9pm till 12:30am.

    Lens used: 24mm F1.4 GM

    Body: Sony A7ii

    Tripod: Manfrotto 190 with a Ball Head

    Shot information, Foreground, bulb shot 2.5 minutes to amplify the glow of the bioluminescent algae. Mid Section, Time-lapse of shots (5 seconds, f1.4 ISO400) composited together over a background that’s a long exposure of the incoming cloud cover and Milky Way(20sec, f1.4 ISO3200)

  4. /Users/reginejulien/Desktop/thumbnail.jpeg

    Not sure how to load pics. One from PG, lover’s point it think

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