Photo Sunday, 11/1/20

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second.” –  Mattie Stepanek

I am hoping to watch a storm through these windows next weekend. From NOAA:

A significant pattern change is forecast to develop near the end of next week as a cold system drops south from the Gulf of Alaska. Temperatures will cool significantly starting Friday as a much cooler airmass sweeps across our area from the north. That part of the forecast is relatively high confidence. However, forecast confidence is low regarding precipitation potential, which will depend to a large extent on the trajectory of the system as it moves south. The ECMWF digs the system south just offshore, maintaining over-water trajectory, and brings widespread precipitation to our area from late Friday through Saturday morning. The GFS, on the other hand, forecasts a more inland trajectory and only grazes the northern end of our area with precipitation. The Canadian is similar to the drier GFS. The NBM keeps POPs mostly below 15%, which seems too low given that the ECMWF has shown a wet solution for two consecutive runs. Also, several ECMWF ensemble members are wet starting Friday evening. So, have boosted POPs above the NBM late in the extended forecastperiod.

9 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 11/1/20

  1. OH, MY! You have the most gorgeous view! From what I can tell, you must be up on Plaskett Ridge somewhere? What a view! I’d NEVER get anything done, I’d be sitting out there all day! We lived at Lucia from 1958 – 1970 and loved it! We used to visit with Cy and Margarite all the time. And loved the view from their place! Mom and Margarite used to do Morris Code with mirrors to each other from point to point!!

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