Photo Week

I would like to do something different for a change as we rotate out of our “fire season” into our “road closure season.” We are entering that shoulder in between the two. I am only going to post really relevant and timely announcements that can’t wait this next week, but starting Monday, I would like to post photos by others (only 1 per person, please) as many as I can for the entire week. Send me one of your best, and I will do my very best to publish. Send to my email address: (time I got a bigsurkate specific email, right?) Looking forward to what I receive and hope you are, too. Oh, and it goes without saying, it must be one you took that I have permission to publish with your name.

5 thoughts on “Photo Week

  1. Brilliant idea. A mental road trip, away from…. to creativity…always good. And so very needed, by so many. I’ll happily take that trip!

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