Photo Week, Sat 11/14

Submissions for this week’s photos are now closed. I have filled tomorrow with the last of the photos I have received. I enjoyed this so much, and based on the feedback I have gotten, so have others, so I will do this again in the future as the weather and road conditions allow.

Gibson Beach by Rechs Ann Pederson
Lights on PCH by Mark Ogden
Looking South by Mark Sullivan
Strange Clouds by Sula NIchols
Smile by Fran Wolf

9 thoughts on “Photo Week, Sat 11/14

  1. I have to ask, how did Mark obtain beautiful exposure of tail lights but no head lights? Or was all traffic only heading one way?

  2. Cannon: The shot was taken in February 2018 from the area of Kirk Creek before the Mud Creek slide was paved over. At the time, there was no northbound traffic to speak of. Thanks!

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