Photo Sunday, 11/28/20

Yesterday, the most amazing gift came my way for my work on the Dolan Fire for our community, and for putting the organization in touch with Patte.

I’ve never seen rainbow colored thread like that used for the top stitching on this quilt. Thank you Monterey Peninsula Quilter’s Guild for the lovely gift. I will treasure this.

9 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 11/28/20

  1. What a lovely quilt, gift and so well deserved Kate. Thank you for how very well and often you care for so many in your community and how this resonates beyond Big Sur.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt. You and the quilters both spent an enormous amount of time in your passions! Thanks for sharing their gift to you and for sharing your generous gift of time & knowledge for the community!

  3. The quilt perfectly matches your color scheme, too. A perfect color complement. How did they know?

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