7 thoughts on “Sunday Photos

  1. Kate! I luv your ‘corner,’ & the pillow with applied flowers, makes me want to sew flowers on my pillows! 💐💐💐

  2. Very nice. It’s good to be home. The photo clarity is really amazing. Thanks.

  3. Funny you mention your new iPhone Kate, as I have found in my own photography, that the iPhone seems to capture the Angelic realms, best! 😇

  4. Indeed!, the simple things in Life, so much more appreciated these days~~ 😇
    Also, the reason I mentioned the Angeluc Realm’s, is that our camera’s now, are capturing the Angelic Orb’s of Light. Some of you have likely seen them, as I know I have seen the Angel’s in my photos for many years now. They are easier to see in our camera’s & photo’s, at dusk & darker, but as Kate was able to see during the day. These ball’s of Light called Orb’s, are commonly White, & sometimes Blue, Pink, Green, & Orange. The Color Orb’s are energy of the Archangel’s, Blue is said to be Archangel Michael, as Kate had captured in one of her photo’s, after the slide. AA Michael is said to bring Courage & Protection, & made perfect sense, as it’s beautiful Blue Light hovered over the earth there, undergoing repairs.

    Keep your eye’s open for these Angel Orb’s of Light, mostly White, in your photograph’s, as they are all around us, at times working with us bringing Healing, & at other times,,bringing their Healing Light to Mother Nature, & to our beautiful animal kingdom! 😇

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