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  1. Kate – This is wonderful! I feel like Don is telling me the history face to face. Thanks so very much for sharing. Jaci

  2. Those of us who knew him can hear his voice telling us these stories. I loved the stories he wrote for the round-up those last years.

  3. What a great story! I cannot wait to read the rest of it! I’ve been looking forward to reading this since you posted you would be doing it each Monday. I went to school with his son, Mike. My mom was friends with Doreen and of course we knew Don, too. Thank you for posting this!

  4. Thank you for this. After reading 30plus years of the roundup over a two month period, his writings proved to be one of the most important and informational.

  5. Kate, loving history in general and local coastal history in particular, I’m delighted you’re offering these delightful writings that provide an intimate Big Sur history. I sent this one on to one of Mary Hudson’s nieces who lives in HI. Here’s part of her response.

    “Those ‘ole- timer, rugged inhabitants of Big Sur were tribal & fiercely independent; when threatened, covering vulnerability with entitlement. Remembering how Aunty Mary got her daughter Syd as well as the hospital in San Bruno to release her by promising to have Katie (her assistant) drive her up to Carmel for weekly dialysis treatments (which she had no intention of doing ) so she could get back to her bed overlooking the wild Big Sur Coast and die as she lived, embedded in the luminous freedom of untamed nature.
    She would like being an historical footnote referencing Mud Mary!
    Thanks for sharing the chuckle. 🙂
    I loved and admired Mary more than anyone in our family, as you know.”

    Thought you’d enjoy knowing how your blog brings far-flung enjoyment.

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