Notification of Film Shoot (2)

Date: February 22, 2021To: Big Sur ResidentsFrom: Peloton ShootRe: Film Production Activity Scheduled for Thursday March 4rth, 2021 & Friday March 5th, 2021 on Highway 1 in the Big Sur Area (Rocky Creek & Point Sur Lighthouse)

In an effort to better communicate with Big Sur residents and business owners regarding upcoming film activities in the area, this is to notify you of a permitted film shoot to take place on Thursday March 4th, 2021- Friday March 5th, 2021 from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Our work will require intermittent traffic control (ITC) at and near Bixby Bridge and Hwy 1, Mile Markers: MON 60.1 to MON 51.2. As per our permit, a portion of parking at the Bixby Bridge turnout will also be used for staging.

We will be hiring California Highway Patrol officers to facilitate the ITC and to ensure public safety and access with only brief traffic holds.
We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that the required permits have been obtained and will comply with restrictions necessary for a safe and efficient shoot.

The production company would like to show its appreciation to the community with a donation to the Big Sur Fire Brigade & Big Sur Health Center.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. I hope this advance notice is helpful for you to plan your day.Sincerely yours,Rod WeinerLocation Manager

14 thoughts on “Notification of Film Shoot (2)

  1. Honestly. I can’t even believe I’m reading this.
    Paying off the fire brigade and the health center. It’s come down to bribes.
    First off the fire brigade should be fully funded by the state and visit california and the bussiness alliances . All firefighters should be getting the cali avg pay, at a min.
    That way we don’t have to support the extractive tourism,by community funding. This closes the avenue to bribes like this. People can feel free to participate in the democratic process without the coersion from the higher up who’s only concern may be filling the gaps In funding.
    I think of all the money and time that goes into a fire brigade here, that on avg serves community members about 2percent of the calls. Basiclly subsidizing the very overuse we bemoan.
    With the avg home price in big sur at 2.5million, I think everyone pays a fair enough share in property taxes to demand the state fully fund Big Sur Fire.

    Let’s close the bribery loopholes

  2. Maybe. I’m going from reading 30 years of the roundup(I think the percentage has gone down over the years). Along with how many times I see a chopper land, or lights and sirens go out. Obvs I don’t have access to the official metrics. I was using a low end of my estimate of 2 to 10 percent, bit even ten percent seems high to me. Love to see some official metrics on this.

    If this is Mr Knight, you would know much more then me when it came to the metrics. Could you assist us with number?

    And thanks for your and the rest of the fire brigades service.

  3. But the last photo shoot (coming up this Thurs and Fri, I think) gave to Mid Coast, but not Big Sur Fire, and CABS, but not BSHC, so they are spreading it around.

  4. That too. Mid coast and Big sur fire should both be fully funded by the state. Once one realizes the trifecta of the car rentals, the gas tax and the hotel tax, you start to realize what a golden goose the Sur is for the state. With Visit california supposedly spending 8 ,million dollars a year on overseas ads and promotions(before the virus), I’m pretty sure we can give all these fire fighters 60k a year.

    I was just told the other day(by a firefighter) that they saw my comments here and agreed with me about the overuse issues this causes, but that she feared the retribution of publicy critiquing anything. That’s not good for democracy. We should all be able to express the issues at hand with out fear of losing a job, a place to live or even freinds.

    I read alot about the need to “think outside the box” when it comes to solutions, this means we need a diverse input of ideas,from all the people affected ..not siloed thought.
    What’s not working, is what’s got us here.

    Again, it’s hard to know who the leaders are that we approach for these concerns and efforts.

  5. Birdman, I wouldn’t call their contributions “bribes” as they don’t need bribes. The County is allowing this kind of Coastal use on a regular basis. It appears that they are trying to express their gratitude. In the end, it is all about revenue. It’s a tough call. The coast needs protection, but the road to Big Sur is public. The goose that laid the golden egg is once again in jeopardy. When we will understand that too many people in a pristine habitat is not a good idea? I can say that Mid-Coast is a genuine “gift” to the mid-coast community. Aside from Chief Getz, it is all volunteer. They respond at the drop of a hat and are very good at what they do. Unpaid, up-to-date trained and providing about the only realistic security blanket for those in the Canyon and nearby surroundings. Should this be covered by the state in regards to costs as opposed to application for
    grants? You are absolutely correct.

  6. There should be a 365 day moratorium on filming and at Bixby Bridge. When you have an area with 20 parking spots and 200 cars attempting to stop and park there it leads to highway congestion and public safety concerns that we have all watched become out of control over the past few years. It’s common sense to just stop promoting and advertising this particular spot! Out of sight and out mind for the California Film commission that issues the permits from their office in Southern California.

  7. Can we get some metrics? I’m having a really hard thinking that 3 out of every 10 calls is for a local or residents. Can we see some numbers of calls responded too, and how many of those people live between the little sur and the county line. I do believe that mid coast numbers could be in that range,as majority of the tourist activity,commercial activity happens in big sur. Let’s get down to the facts.
    Not speculation or guessing so that we can start to address these issues head on, and have real life numbers to give us all a better understanding of the situations at hand..
    Who would one speak with to make such a request for information pertaining to the call logs?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. I used to live in Big Sur and worked in several restaurants and do know the impact of having a crew of filming people around. It does cause a lot of disruption and so forth. However, being I’m not living in PARADISE anymore, to see pictures that have been done in the Big Sur area thrills me to no end. Every so often we run across a movie or an ad and can instantly place exactly where it was filmed is glorious to me. I dearly miss the wonderful life of living in Big Sur and have sympathy for those that are impacted by filming companies while in the area. But I am so happy when I get a glimpse of the place I call HOME. What is being filmed, if I may ask?

  9. The drama series “Ratched” also has many scenes filmed in Big Sur, including Lucia Lodge on the South coast. Considering that there is so much film footage of Bixby Bridge in previous ads I wonder why advertisers don’t reduce their film costs by reusing/photo shopping new cars in place of the cars in their older films.

  10. Marcus….The California Film Commission may issue a permit, but the permit still requires approval by Monterey County, working with other local agencies involved, i.e. CHP etc.

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