First Fire of the Season — West side of Highway 1 across from Plaskett Campground

Details still sketchy, but Big Sur Fire was able to get emergency access through Rat Creek and should be there shortly to make an accessment. Other resources are on the way. More when I have it.

1/4 of an acre, too wet to make a run, there was foggy all day at that spot on the bluffs above Jade Cove, most assuredly stupidity caused.

I spoke with PT 17 and they planned on babysitting until around 6 pm. Welcome to a holiday weekend in Big Sur!

Here is where it was, which is actually just north of Jade Cove, a few hundred yards or more south of Plaskett. If Plaskett Ridge Rd hadn’t been closed with a heavy duty gate, this most assuredly would have been up in the sun where it could have made a run for it, as my son pointed out.

6 thoughts on “First Fire of the Season — West side of Highway 1 across from Plaskett Campground

  1. Cal Fire should declare high season now. And publicize it! ( as if morons will listen) Even if we do get another rain event, it will be insufficient to suppress whats shaping up to be the driest fire season yet.

  2. If this is within the closure could it have been a cigarette that one of the workers tossed?

  3. We were right on that bluff a few months back and saw people camping/living there (2 tents, hidden from the road behind big rocks), with a pulley & battery system set up for pulling something (jade?) up the cliff from the ocean. They had garbage strewn around – cans, wrappers, etc. I spoke with one of them, she said she was a local (which I doubt.) If that stuff is still going on there then I wonder if their campfires, etc. has something to do with the fire?

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