Controlled burn today at Camp Bob

Attention all North County residents of SLO Co and South County residents of MoCo!

Camp Roberts will be conducting a prescribed burn on May 19th and May 26th. The intent is to reduce the vegetation and consequently the fire hazard in the areas of impact. The burn also presents a critical training opportunity for various state, regional and local fire agencies to work with Camp Roberts in conducting the hazard reduction operation.

Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services will be among the various agencies assisting during the burn. SLO County Air Pollution Control District staff will also be involved in the event to ensure minimal impact to nearby residents. The prescribed burn will not take place if weather conditions are not favorable for the operation.

5 thoughts on “Controlled burn today at Camp Bob

  1. There’s a high wind warning for 5pm today through 5 am tomorrow.

  2. man, I’m all for controlled burns, true believer and all that ! but golly it seems remarkably dry now to do that….

    GOOD LUCK to all involved !

  3. Not all “prescribed” burns have been “controlled.” A crucial distinction.

    Regrowth following burns tends to be tinder.

    Fuel modification of any kind needs to be centered on the future, such as the actual consequences.

    Burning in the boondocks does little or nothing to reduce the probability of structure ignitions miles away.

    Most structure ignitions are due to airborne/wind-borne burning material (embers, firebrands, etc.), not so much the radiation from the flame-front.

    Most structure losses occur during wind-driven events, not fuel-driven events.

    What we have here is a failure to communicate with fire scientists and to understand the reasons for the conclusions they reach.

    SWAG’s are not always good enough, and certainly WAG’s won’t do.

    Context, context, context.

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