3 thoughts on “Memorial Day weekend message from Cal Fire

  1. Thank-you, Kate, for all you do for us. I pray we all have a peaceful fire-free / catastrophe-limited weekend. Peace.

  2. But prepare for hell on earth!

    That’s all good information. But one thing I would add is pressure on legislatures to get their campaign funds from plumbing, BIG water tank, water pump, and thermocouple companies by supporting subsidies to homeowners and small, small businesses to install (automatic, independent from municipal water supplies) inside and out ember and fire suppression systems. Also fire-protected solar systems, and roof/hardscape runoff collection and storage systems. And think about how much less a lot of us did not/do not use or buy during this pandemic?

    They can transfer plenty of funds from the dangerously useless and damaging, but stubbornly persistent myths that “fuel reduction” by back-country logging, bulldozing, and burning are cost-effective means of reducing structure-fire risk. This statement may seem extreme, but officials go to extreme measures to avoid discussing it on the merits. Doing more and more of what’s demonstrably not working is unlikely to improve our futures. Fuel modification next to homes and communities, however, makes a certain amount of sense, but officials need to pay more attention to the taxpayer-funded wildland fire research.

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