4 thoughts on “Memorial Day, 2021

  1. Amazing views on Life there. Similar, yet those cars are “tanks” compared to the lighter stuff we drive. Thank you, Kate, for always remembering the day we memorialize our defenders.

  2. Kate…thanks for sharing. At least none of those cars were making a U-turn on a two lane highway. Just sayin. Thanks for sharing, some of the other articles in the magazine were also very good. Happy M day…

  3. Yikes! That first shot of 1949 traffic is just plumb crazy! And lookit all them vintage cars! 😲

  4. This is my 20th year of being carfree. Mostly to support the troops, by not supporting unjust wars for oil and the capitalust profit margins. I continue to be carfree cause over the 20 years I have come to learn about the social and econmic impacts of car culture. The true cost. To people,places and the environment. Now with fracking, you could not pay me to drive. It’s not about your car being gas or electric. It’s still a car. Cars have cost us to much. Cars are coffins. I encourage everyone to cut use of private autos by 70% overall. You can thank me later

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