Atmosphere River coming up. Father Frank, we love you so much.

Daniel Swain is the man weather wise. He just posted this on twitter:
Seeing a “category 5” #AtmosphericRiver in central California in Oct would be extremely impressive, yet that’s looking increasingly possible on Sunday. With record-dry soils, impacts will be different than mid- winter event. Risks highest near wildfire burn areas.  #CAwx #CAfire


Open letter to Dear Frank Linnenbrink from Lucas Ryan. If you don’t know Frank, he is one of the kindest people you’ve ever met. Thank you Lisa, and everyone who is caring for Frank.

Frank, you are always there for us. Thank you for taking us to Church. We will always think, what would Frankie do? With so much love, thank you! We appreciate you, words cannot describe, actually, completely shattered right now.

Please, ride on! (so fast) We’ll be catching up withyou soon (no chance)

(Frank worked as a lineman for PG&E for many years. We rode motorcycles together. He actually married my wife and I, and many others. Frank is an all-life minister, and popular amongst the Big Sur community. Please send thoughts and prayers, as he is in the late stages of battling a serious illness. Frankie passed away around 11:45 pm, October 20th -Lucas Ryan)

10 thoughts on “Atmosphere River coming up. Father Frank, we love you so much.

  1. I do not have the pleasure of knowing Father Frank–my loss, it seems. It seems he is passing on from this veil of tears hopefully to a kinder realm of color and dance. Peace be with you, Father Frank. And with you, Kate. A lot of loss has been coming your way. With your customary kindness, Kate, you take the time to give us the alert that a radical weather shift could be headed our way. I love you, Kate.

  2. the world was measurably improved by Frank. truly a good, kind, graceful and decent person at a time somewhat short of such exemplary souls

  3. Richard, is he the gentleman that used to work the PG&E Poles? The person I’m recalling would use a motorcycle to access the polls from his truck. When the sheriffs were kicking everybody out during the basin complex fire he let me hide in his truck several times when the sheriffs appeared.

  4. The answer to my question is actually above the photo which Lucas posted. He is the gentleman I so fondly remember. I was so fortunate to share time with him during those crazy fires. Prayers and gentle thoughts for Frank and his onward journey.

  5. yes, he was the PG+E best representative. no more appropriate term possible than ‘gentle man’ for Frank, my heart aches with all who have known him.

  6. I will miss running into you around Big Sur and catching up. Such a wonderful and positive guy that I will never forget. Much love and respect my friend. RIP Frank.

  7. I LOVED this man. Never without a smile and a cheerful heartfelt inquiry about how life was treating you. Fly free and into all of our hearts. Dearest Frank

  8. Frankie, as we called him, was my cousin. It does my heart good to hear you praise him. We love him and it is always reassuring when others love our loved ones! We grieve his early passing but are relieved to know he is no longer in such pain.

  9. I was lucky enough to to call Frank my friend for 40 years. He was my first true friend when I moved here, and remained my true friend for life. He’s seen me through 2 marriages, and danced with me at both. We had shenanigans throughout, flying down the Big Sur river during El Niño in wetsuits and riding in tractor tire tubes, death defying rapids and redwoods chasing us. He loved to ride Century’s, 100 miles on his bike, with double hip replacement. I’d join him for a portion (25) Motorcycle rides down the coast, old coast road at dawn, he loved this area, and knew it better than most. Swimming in coves along the coast. My daughters first kayak, the banana, came from you. She became a guide, and loves you so much for your inspiring her to go for it! Your infinite love for us all, the joy on your face when you saw someone you knew, your words of encouragement in all things will be missed sorely. Frank never said goodbye to me, it was a finger waggle, and smile, he’d say TTFN….. ta ta for now…TTFN Frank

  10. Man o man, everything Amy Stone said and more. Some poeple just shine such a bright light. It was a pleasure knowing this kind, adventurous man and he makes me want to be better in every way.

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