Strong atmospheric river starting early Sunday

“but also high risk of burn area flooding/debris flows

From Daniel Swain’s Weather West blog (read the entire post here:

In Northern California, it has been a good old rainy week. Many spots have seen a couple inches or more; nearly everywhere has seen at least enough for some modest puddles. In some areas, the amount of rain that has already fallen is probably enough to greatly attenuate or end fire season. “

“…one of the strongest October storms in some years (perhaps a decade or more in some NorCal locations) will likely occur on Sunday. This moisture delivery system will be in the form of a strong atmospheric river.” 

Stormy conditions are expected to begin early Sunday and ramp up through the day in NorCal. “

Very intense rainfall rates of 1/2 to 1 inch per hour will be possible for a couple of hours

4 thoughts on “Strong atmospheric river starting early Sunday

  1. hopefully we get a lot of rain this winter, we all need it! Mother Nature at her finest!

  2. I’m hoping that most of the debris in the Rat Creek drainage is already gone, but I hope someone will monitor and film the flows that go through the new, enlarged fill structure and works at 101. For some reason I was never able to see how CalTrans did the new debris basin. I hope they set up a streamgage. Does anyone know? If no one is crazy enough to film the flows, Some progressive still pix will be better than nothing–in fact quite valuable, especially if the date, time, location, and orientation are noted.

    Things to watch for include presence/absence of large enough pieces of flotsam like tree trunks, stumps, rootplates, boulders, etc.

    Before and after (or progressive) pix of sidehill erosion and gullies at various locations within the watershed in and out of burned areas and established washes and riverbeds.

    Some SWAG vs WAG of the amount and sources of soil loss would be nice.

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