South Coast Happenings

This is your reminder that a week from today, several things will be happening down here. The event everyone has been waiting for since 2019 — Jade Festival. It starts at noon on Friday and then continues on Saturday from 10-6, then again on Sunday, 10-5. But also, next Saturday, a memorial will be held for a young man who grew up down here, and lived here until he moved to Alaska. The Memorial for Clayton McMannis will be held at noon on the bluffs overlooking Sand Dollar Beach — not the parking lot, the bluffs. It is time-specific and starts at noon. Lastly, there is another memorial at Morning Glory. This one is for Jerry Provost. See the invite below:

One thought on “South Coast Happenings

  1. Thanks for posting that Kate. That’s such a great picture of Jerry! Correction on the Sunday end time of the Jade Festival. It closes @ 5 pm. We hope to see everyone at the festival, it’s been too long!!.

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