8 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 10/9/2022

  1. Love your pics! No longer working at krkc radio but I still like to know what’s going on in Monterey county. Thanks to you, I can.
    Deb Albertson
    Radio Journo

  2. Wow… the leopard sure does stare you in the eye when you work there!! Love the desk you work at! I can tell it gets frantic when there’s a fire. Thank you for always keeping people updated on situations in Big Sur, back in my days… there wasn’t anything like that, only word of mouth. We didn’t even have phone lines for many years. There was a “grapevine” that went around the Harlan property we were part of… an old-fashioned grapevine phone… we were 1-1/2 rings! Glory days! I love reading your posts, it takes me back to when that was my ‘home’… how I treasure the memories I have from living there. Currently I am just beginning to write my 3rd novel and it’s about growing up in Big Sur! Well, from Hot Springs (Esalen) to Gorda, going to Pacific Valley School, etc!

  3. Nice! When first scrolling in, before the map comes into view, the Panthera 2016 looks like it’s looking through a fence. Seemed so close. BTW, same kwan yin and same buddha here on display but not on my desk. That is a fun fact.

  4. Kate, this is probably one of my favorite of your Sunday photos. I agree with Michael, and especially support Jean’s message! I also hope your elephant mug is still around. Thank you for all you do!

  5. What a great command center you have with RBG as your copilot. You always have your finger on the pulse of the Big Sur tribe💗.

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