Tourist behaving badly, really badly

UPDATE – From Chris Lewis who shot the video:
“Hi Kate … the warden replied. They got em. It takes a village for sure. Wish everyone could see me lighting that dummy up but I’m really just glad they caught up to them. Great timing finding all those guys at the bottom of the road this morning. [Chris found the warden and several other LEO guys at the bottom of Los Burros Rd. Yesterday morning.] And thanks for being the voice for everyone in south coast. We have to all work together .”

Warning: language is appropriate for what is happening, but some might find it offensive.

17 thoughts on “Tourist behaving badly, really badly

  1. Way to go! What an arse. He is young, he can read, he is inheriting this planet,
    he’s doing something he knows is WRONG 😑

  2. Criminal. Did this get called in to our SO? This is really, really bad. Who comes to Big Sur and dumps their raw sewage into a creek? I’m stunned anyone could be so selfish, thoughtless and destructive to our fragile ecosystem.

  3. Entitled asshole. Saw a whole honeysucker truck dump into Marble Hot Springs in Sierra Valley a few years ago. No stopping stupid+armed.

  4. I am stunned! If 1 person is caught doing this I wonder how many others have been doing this? Please tell me that an arrest happened. What stupidity and arrogance of this person. Disgusting

  5. and the spare tire cover exclaims ‘I Love Camping!’. short vid but it appears the RV is a rental, and I have for years wished the rental corporations would give even basic lessons or a printed sheet of tips on how to drive and behave with these ( stupidly selfish ) huge vehicles. I have contacted these companies directly with my concerns and been brushed off. maybe NOW is a time to hold these companies to a higher state of accountability ? what with social media perhaps some pressure can be brought to bear ? TRAIN these fools, even a little, before setting them free with such huge road blocking gas-hogs ?

  6. I hope he is fined a huge amount and made to do community service for this disgusting act!

  7. What’s offensive is him literally dumping his shit. The words are mild compared to what I would say, even in my effort to be slightly civil….let’s not even go into what I’d be thinking. Fine him enough so that he actually learns…enough to give him something to “ponder” as he does his community service cleaning up other people’s shit. Throw in some pretty red poison oak for good measure. I’d consider that another “reinforcement” of the “lesson”. 🤬(breathe Denise)

  8. Gross!! This is so upsetting. Do you know nothing about ecosystems and how to keep places clean?!!!

  9. Thank you to the person who caught the guy and refrained from reacting in a way ( like beating the guy to a pulp) though justifiable, that would have been a distraction from the crime being committed. Hopefully huge fine and some imprisonment for dumping toxic waste

  10. This is beyond sad, frustrating, infuriating. To think that ANYone would think this would be ok anywhere! He should be sued for the costs incurred to clean his (literal) shit up.

  11. Thank you for catching him/this. In addition to a HUGE fine he should have to sit in a bath tub of poop and eat his dinner!

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