Giants of Big Sur

Hi Kate, 

I was hoping you would be willing to post about our upcoming live-screening of Giants of Big Sur: California Condor Stores given the local connection and that it also has a live-streaming option.  It will be played in person at Lighthouse Cinema on Saturday 12/10 at 3:30PM.  Here are more details and thank you for your consideration.

Giants of Big Sur PremiereAttend this  Exclusive Monterey Bay Premiere of  Ventana Wildlife Society’s ​ a ward-winning series of short films



(PS, I have been scarce due to a medical emergency with my eye. I would post a photo but it looks like I am a cast member of the exorcist. Not a pretty look.)

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  1. The Giants of Big Sur film showing looked like a great success as we streamed this live and could also see the on-site audience. Very impactful message with educational uses abounding. Thank you, Kate for still watching over the coast and readers as you fend for your health and well being.

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