Helicopter Supply plan

As Caltrans said yesterday, the county is working with other agencies to provide a helicopter ressupply of food, pet food, and medications. The Health Clinic is coordinating medications through our point person Jasmine Horan. If meds are received by mail, there will be mail provided on the Helicopter (whew, another 30 days of bp meds!) CABS is coordinating food resupply with Safeway and the SPCA for pets. They have a form for each which I will publish later today, once I get the official notice on how and where the helicopter supply will work.

Here is the medications list, but some people complained we did not receive enough notice, so not sure what the deadline might be. I posted it on FB this am, but did not have time to come back here, but here it is:

For those who haven’t seen this, this is from the Health Center and Sharen Carey:


Big Sur Health Center is coordinating with CABS, BSF, and County OES to help obtain medication refills for all those trapped between Mill Creek and Polar Star.
If you need any medication refills, please follow these steps:

  1. Call your medical office first thing Monday morning and explain you have an urgent, time-sensitive medical need.
  2. Ask the office to call your prescriptions BY NOON to CVS pharmacy at Carmel Crossroads.
    Request a minimum supply of at least 2 weeks, more if insurance allows.
  3. Call CVS at 624-0148
  • Tell CVS you are part of the medication supply for Big Sur.
  • Pay any necessary co-pays or other charges.
  • Tell them Sharen Carey from Big Sur Health Center will be picking up your prescriptions for you.
  1. Jasmine Horan is your point of contact for communicating your medication needs. Please email Jasmine at Jasminestarhoran@gmail.com with the following information:
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Number of prescriptions (no prescription names)
    I will be picking up medications at 3:00 pm on Monday, placing them in individual bags for privacy, and boxing them for transport on the helicopter that will be bringing all supplies over to you.
    We know some of you receive your prescriptions by mail. A request to include mail on the transport helicopter has been made.
    Thank you and please stay safe!
    Sharen Carey, PA-C
    Big Sur Health Center