South Coast Pacific Valley School PTO gofundme for families in need.

Stuck between the slides — families with children are stranded, out of work and trying to survive. It isn’t over, yet. Help us support this effort by donating to this gofundme and help them make it through this difficult time. I can personally vouch for the organizers, who are both wonderful young women with families themselves.

The beginning of January, a series of storms hit the Big Sur coastline and hit the south coast extremely hard. Numerous mudslides left hundreds of people stranded. Currently, the highway has been on strict lockdown for the last three weeks and Caltrans is saying it could be 4 more weeks of lockdown. The only road out is a treacherous backcountry 4×4 drive, it’s 3 hrs one way to get groceries and provisions, and this is not a viable option for a lot of our families. Businesses have been closed for close to a month, and families are really struggling to make ends meet. School has been closed since before the holiday break, and families are working hard to keep kids caught up on school work and keep life as normal as possible. Pacific Valley School PTO has started this go fund me to raise money for our school families who are stranded and out of work. All funds raised will be going directly to Pacific Valley Families in need.