Photo Sunday #2 — Rep. Jimmy Panetta tours the slides via helicopter

These are the photos he took of the slides. He toured the area yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. These first three are of Paul’s Slide

These next photos are of Mill Creek. What I want to know is how in the heck did those “Spider Excavators” get up there?

These next photos are of a little known slide north or Ragged Point

Finally, we reach the southern most slide, Polar Star

Photo Sunday, 1/29/23

Photos from Friday’s Operation Resupply

The commodities caravan down highway 1 to Lucia. Photo by Nadine Clark

Kate Daniels, aide to John Laird and Dan Clark. Photo by Nadine Clark

Supplies arrive at Lucia Photo by Connie McCoy

KSBW, LaVerne McLeod, Kenny McLeod, Hal Latta Photo by Connie McCoy

Photo by Sarah Harvie

Photo by Irene Kahn