3 thoughts on “Sunday Photos, 6/11/23

  1. Hi Kate,
    I, too, like these photos. Remind me of my former home in the hills west of Morgan Hill. Know you give location, but I’m thinking this doesn’t look like coastal Big Sur. 🙂

  2. Hi BigSurKate. Thanks for running this site — my family and I really count on it. We have a cabin and property near Gorda Mountain since the mid 1960s. We love it up there. For some time now, we have been wondering about the cattle grazing at Pacific Valley and other prairies up and down Big Sur. We are interested in maybe having some cattle of our own there some day (we have livestock elsewhere), and thought you might be a great person to ask to see if you knew of anyone involved in the Pacific Valley pasture or any other prairielands north of San Simeon.

    My email is attached to this comment — hope to hear from you. Thanks again 🙂

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