7/13: Big Sur open, Cone Peak report, & other ramblings

After looking off my deck (the best information for me and south coast neighbors), checking the thermal images for the past couple days, checking online sources, it appears as if the “slop over” at the Rodeo Flats containment line has been resolved. inciweb was reporting that the crews hoped to get the Rodeo Flats slop over contained last night, and from what I can tell, they suceeded. No new activity on thermals, no plumes, and not even much smoke visible. I can finally breathe.

As most of you know, as of this morning, Highway One is open to tourists all the way through. I am seeing online reports of lots of “looky-loos” even driving up people’s driveways!! So, be aware of the problems we are facing in this regard — people who are vying for the coveted Darwin Award.

The situation in Cachagua is not looking as good as ours is. There was a “slop over” (is that the new politically correct way of saying the back-burn got away?) in the Chew’s Ridge area and a Mandatory Evacuation was issued yesterday afternoon — a HARD closure. Please check the Cachagua sources (see tarawings.wordpress.com) regarding exact placement. There is also some confusion of the various evacuation notices in effect, and where they are.

So, I leave you with a photo of hope, of forests survived, and beauty enduring. A redwood forest at the bottom of Clear Ridge, north of River Inn. Taken 7/8/08.