Random Notes from an unorganized mind

First, if you want a chuckle, go to the Cachaguastore blog linked in my blogs list in the right column. This guy is hilarious, and tells it like it is, from the other side of the fire.

Second, Robert and I are trying to organize a community meeting with the USFS (IF they return my call) to discuss the rest of the fire season, USFS plans, and our concerns. Will keep you informed of whether we are successful. (Not being negative, just practical. They have a lot on their collective plate, at the moment.)

Third, I have once again contacted my source at the LA Times (who broke the Curtis story) and suggested an investigative piece to follow-up; looking at who made the decision to lock down Big Sur (and Cachagua), why that decision was made, how the decision came about, etc. etc. I think this is the only way we will get the complete and truthful story behind this insane action.

washing off gel………………….picking up fire hoses…………………repairing gates

Lastly, just a reminder that many of our north coast friends need our help. Work parties being organized. Check with your favorite north coaster to find out who needs help and what you can do.

LATE NIGHT ADDITION: the firefighterblog has done a wonderful job looking at possible explanations, and many more questions about why the USFS left the 5 monks to defend Tassajara by themselves. Read it here: