Dolan Ridge/Rodeo Flats

According to a member of the BSVFB, the Dolan Ridge Line is holding really well. Lines are being expanded at the Rodeo Flats, and both BSVFB and the USFS IC seem to be confident that this line wil hold. While some reports are putting the southern closure at Limekiln, all recent reports are putting it back at Lucia Lodge, including the Mandatory Closure memo by the Sheriff. If the chp closure is still down at Limekiln, which I have not seen, I am not aware of why it has not been moved.

Arrest on Apple Pie Ridge

I have confirmed with a family member that Ross Curtis was arrested yesterday. I was informed that he made bail, and has been released. I was told he was exhausted, so am awaiting a phone call from him today.

This is reported in the San Francisco Chronicle as part of a larger story. See “Big Sur Blaze Rages” here:

Here is the by now infamous 409.5 notice:

And for future reference, the California Public Resources Code, section 4426 provides: “A person shall not set a backfire, or cause a backfire to be set, except under the direct supervision or permission of a state or federal forest officer, unless it can be established that the setting of such backfire was necessary for the purpose of saving life or valuable property.”

Additionally, Chris Counts story about this incident can be found here:

Welcome to bigsurkate’s blog

I began this blog, after 2 weeks of inundating everyone’s mailbox with news, links, editorials, and photos of the massive Big Sur Fire of 2008. I decided a blog might be a better venue for us all to stay connected, share information, and remain informed. PLUS, I got totally frustrated when my email send function became so erratic. I can receive, but sending is completely hit and miss. I am hoping the email fairy visits me soon! 😉

I will also be posting some of my photographs, also, as and when I can.

Welcome! Once the fire is past, I will convert this to random musings, I suppose, or it will evolve into something else.